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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Government Film & Television Institute

Students’ Creative Zones

The students of Dr. BhupenHazarika Regional Government Film and Television Institute are put through various phases of creative processes, during their training period as a film student, to accelerate their expertise in their respective field of film making.

Diploma Film

A still from the diploma film 'Chitrangada'

As a part of their academic curriculum every year the final year students of Dr. BhupenHazarika Regional Government Film and Television Institute collectively make a diploma film of around 20 minutes duration. Earlier the films were made in celluloid but now they shoot it digitally with world class digital cameras. From the concept of the film to its final product every step of the film is done by the 6th Semester students of DBHRGFTI under the guidance of the faculty members.

Documentaries & Tele-films

'Hiren Bhattacharya', noted poet of Assam, in a documentary

After the students learn the basics of film making they are encouraged by the institute to make short Documentaries and Tele-films as part of their academic curriculum.

Wall Magazine

Eminent actor Pranjal Sakia unveiling the wall magazine 'Montage'

Montage, the wall magazine of DRBHRGFTI, created and edited by the students reflects the literary genius of the students. It contains articles on films, short stories, poems & sketch etc.

Playing to the camera

Awaiting the final Command…. 'Light-Sound-Camera-Action'

The students of Applied Acting Department do various types of theatre oriented scene works under the guidance of expert faculty members at the initial stage. Then they practice film acting in front of camera with eminent directors. Every year they participate in diploma films as actors