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Government Of Assam Department of Cultural Affairs Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Government Film & Television Institute

Courses Offered

It's true that with just three years of academic education nobody can become a great film maker or an outstanding actor unless the student acquires real life education from the worldsurrounding him. Dr. BhupenHazarika Regional Government Film and Television Institute through its well planned academic courses tries to open the window-an insight, so that they can choose a creative path of their own.

At present DBHRGFTI provides four different courses as follows:

  1. Audiography and Sound Engineering (3 Years Diploma Course)
  2. Motion Picture Photography(3 Years Diploma Course)
  3. Film and Video Editing(3 Years Diploma Course)
  4. Applied Acting (Film & TV)(1 Year Certificate Course)

(For details pdf attachments 'Booklet and Prospectus' of the institute can be seen)

Eligibility of the candidate for these courses should be as follows--

  1. Audiography and Sound Engineering (10+2) or equivalent Science with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
  2. Motion Picture Photography (10 + 2) or equivalent Science with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
  3. Film & Video Editing (10 + 2) or equivalent in any discipline)
  4. Applied Acting (Film & TV)   (10 + 2) or equivalent in any discipline)

There are total 11 (Eleven) seats per department in DBHRGFTI at present. Out of which, as per the norms of Government of Assam, 4 seats are reserved for the students of Assam and 1 seat each per department is reserved for other 7 north-eastern states. The citizens of North-Eastern states (Arunachal, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim & Tripura) can apply for these courses.

The entrance examination is conducted the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) of the respective states for their students.  For the students of Assam the entrance examination is conducted by DTE, Assam only.  Likewise, for other states if the number of candidates per department exceeds more than one then only the question of entrance test will arise. Otherwise the students can directly apply through the respective offices of DTE. The Medium of instruction in DBHRGFTI is English.

Annual fee, including admission & examination fee per year is approximately Rs. 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty thousand).